How to Clean Your Makeup Bag + The Makeup and Brushes Inside!

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Hi guys! Today I was sitting at home and I noticed how awful my makeup bag was. If you’re like me, then chances are you don’t think about cleaning your makeup very often. I’m particularly awful because I’m not a beauty guru or anything, I only use my makeup on me, so I don’t care if it’s dirty. Therefore, I have the tendency to seriously put off cleaning my brushes, makeup, and especially, my makeup bag. I don’t use my makeup bag very often, only when I travel, so I don’t take as good of care of it as I should.

So keep on reading to find out how I clean my makeup, as well as my makeup bag and brushes. Also, this isn’t my entire makeup collection, it’s just my travel everyday wear makeup. And it’s all drugstore, but what can you do! I like things that are cheap! I hope you enjoy reading, and stay til the end for some tips on how to keep your makeup from getting as dirty so fast.

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Cleaning My Makeup Bag

Okay, so I’ve never cleaned this particular makeup bag before. I’ve cleaned other bags, but this one I’ve had since July and so far I haven’t cleaned it. I know, it’s super gross and everything, but I honestly don’t mind it being a little messy.

The first tip I read was that you can clean your makeup bag using makeup remover wipes. I thought, that sounds reasonable, should work fine. It worked with getting the little eye shadow dust off the bottom and the sides, but that was pretty much it. It didn’t do anything for the foundation stains, which is what I should have expected. The picture in the middle above is what the bag looked like at the beginning, and the picture on the right above shows what it looked like after using makeup wipes.

The next thing I tried was hand soap, and that helped a little, although it didn’t do anything for the tough stains. Finally I went at it with dish soap and a sponge, and a good amount of the stains did come out. My bag ended up soaking up so much water that I had to put it in the dryer, which made it lose it’s shape a little, but overall it worked pretty well. The picture on the left above shows the bag before any cleaning, and the picture on the right above shows the bag after being washed and dried.

You can probably use your washer and you’ll get the same results without the hard work, however my washer is currently broken so I had to make it work.

Cleaning My Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes is probably one of my favorite things to do, however I never actually do it because I hate how long it takes for them to dry. Is there a magic way to dry these things that I’m missing? I always let them air dry, and it usually takes about a day and a half to completely dry. Anyways, when I do decide to clean them, here’s what I do!

In a small glass (I’m using a mason jar in the pictures above), I mix two parts dish soap with one part extra virgin olive oil. When I mixed them together they made a beautiful pastel green color! Reminded me of a mint milkshake!

Next, I take my brush and I swirl it around in the bottom of the glass, and then I rinse it off like shown. Sometimes to really help rinse the brushes, I’ll swirl the bristles around in the palm of my hand to get off any extra makeup. I usually do this process twice with each brush, to make sure that it’s nice and clean. Then all you have to do is let them dry!

Cleaning My Makeup

The last thing I like to do in my cleaning process is to wipe off any makeup that’s on the packing of my products. I always have concealer or foundation or something all over my makeup, so this needs to be done every week for me. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t get done as often as it should, but it does feel really nice when they are clean!

To wipe my makeup off I take a makeup remover wipes and simply wipe the outsides of all my products. For eye shadow I make sure to wipe the inside as well, since dust tends to get everywhere in those things.

Here are some before and afters of the products I had that needed the most love!

I loved the difference that was made by cleaning the top of my Instant Age Rewind concealer. It looks almost new again! It’s really the little things that can make such a difference, and now if anyone wants to look through my makeup I won’t be embarrassed to show them my stuff! Real talk though, I’ve had people look at my makeup and end up getting my foundation all over their hands. Oops!

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Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked this post, and if you haven’t cleaned your makeup lately then go ahead and do it girl! Like I said before I am not a beauty guru, and I’m the only one who uses my products which is why I didn’t sanitize any of my makeup. However, if you do need to let others use your makeup then I highly recommend getting the wipes that are meant for cleaning off your makeup for the purpose of sanitation.

If you aren’t following me on social media yet, go ahead and do it! I’m lots of fun to chat with, I promise! All of my links are above :). Have a great day!


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