How to Take Amazing Product Photos On a Budget

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Hey guys! So this post will be a little different because it’s going to be for bloggers, or anyone who needs to take product pictures! I’m a new blogger as well as a college student, so I can’t afford the big fancy props or anything like that. For a while it was really discouraging, I tried to take flatlays using some stuff I got from Walmart, including a white poster board, pretty cards, and makeup. I didn’t really understand how to lay the objects in a way that looked nice, and the window I was using had really bad lighting so it ended up looking yellow.

Since then I’ve been practicing a lot and I finally got down how to take decent pictures! I’m really proud of the work I’m able to do now, and I wanted to share what unique props I use as my backgrounds! So stay tuned and feel free to laugh at how strange these things really are. Anything for a good picture!

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pixi edit

This is a picture of a sample of Pixi Glow Tonic that I got in my Target Beauty Advent Calendar. All of the products I’ll be using in the pictures today will be from this calendar, and if you’d like to read my review then you can click here!

So you can probably guess what I used as my backdrop in this shot, it’s a really cozy blanket I got from Target. I love the knitting on it and I also love the cream color, because it gives the images a little bit of uniqueness. A lot of bloggers use bright white backgrounds and I love those pictures to death, however I wanted to be a little bit different, so I feel cream is a nice middle ground.

Here’s a shot of where I took the photo! I literally just threw the blanket on my bed and then started snapping pictures!


This next product is a face wash from Pacifica. I really like this backdrop because it’s again not just a blank white background. It has some texture and variety to it which I really like! There’s a little hint to the left of the screen where it’s red as to what this may be. It’s actually a huge teddy bear that I have laying on my bed! I got this for Christmas last year and it’s the best thing to snuggle up to.

pacifica edit

Here’s a shot of what the whole scene looked like! As you can tell, the whole point of this post is to show that just because someone’s pictures may look perfect, they could be far from it. We’re all just struggling along, using whatever we have laying around! So if you’ve got a giant teddy bear as well, consider using it as a backdrop for products!


This next product is an eye cream by Acure. I love this picture a lot because I feel as though the bottle is giving a floral kind of vibe, which matches the flowers it’s sitting on perfectly. Also, the peonies in the background match the pink on the bottle! So this one is obvious of what it is, it’s literally just a small sample bottle sitting on some fake flowers I have in my room. I got these from Walmart around three years ago.

acure edit

And here is a shot of what the scene really looks like! The flowers are sitting on my dresser and it was very easy to just place the product and take the pictures. There’s so many different ways you could use flowers in your photos, you could even try laying out real flowers to create a nice backdrop. It’s all about the texture and matching things so that they go together seamlessly!


The final product we have is an e.l.f. lip scrub. This is easily the most fun background! I usually don’t use backdrops like these in my photos, but I wanted to experiment and play around with all the different options. This holographic background makes for some really cool pictures, since everywhere you stand you’re going to get a different angle meaning different colors. It’s actually wrapping paper, and not just wrapping paper, but presents for my family! I had these sitting on the shelf all wrapped and ready to go, so I figured I might as well use it! So next time you’re buying wrapping paper, try to find some pretty ones that can double as a backdrop!

elf edit

And then here’s a shot of what the whole scene looked like! My shelf by itself is ugly and would have made a horrible backdrop, so making sure to zoom in and to just include the presents is important. And yes, I know I have horrible wrapping skills as the present to the left is showing!


All of these pictures were taken with a Canon Rebel T6 that I borrowed from my sister, however you don’t need a nice camera to take nice pictures! I promise, the backdrops and natural light mean so much more than the camera. I have an iPhone 7 plus and these are some pictures that I’ve been able to take with it:

The only reason I used the Canon to take these pictures is because I love the focus you can get with it! It’s hard to get that blurred background on an iPhone. However, the phone still does a really great job and you can definitely get amazing results with it.

I hope you liked this post and that it was helpful! There’s really so much that can be used, anything that has a nice texture such as wood, counter tops, a hat, the sky is the limit. Happy picture taking!


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