DIY Organizer – Using Gift Wrapping Materials!

DIY organizer.jpg

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Hi everyone! So I was trying to reorganize my room today, and I usually keep my makeup in a bag while my pens stay in one of those clear three-drawer containers, however I wanted to switch it up. My makeup is now in the drawers, and I needed somewhere to keep my pens!

I have so much extra gift wrapping stuff laying around, so I figured why not create something with it! For this DIY you’ll need a box, preferably a smaller one, cards including the envelopes they go in, wrapping paper, and tape!

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The first step is to take your box, and cut off all of the flaps! This can easily be done with either scissors or your hands. I used scissors for a more clean-cut look, but you can totally just rip it off as well.

Next, you’ll want to take your flaps that you just cut off and cut them to fit inside of the box. These will be used as dividers, so cut them however you think you’ll need to! If you need a lot of compartments, you can cut multiple long strips. It’s adjustable for what you want to hold in here!

Next, take your cards and cut them so that they’ll fit inside the bottom of the box. It’s okay if they don’t line up right, you’ll see at the end that you can’t even see the bottom well once everything is inside! I used tape on the back of the cards to keep them all together.

Using those envelopes, you can cut off the top flap and use it for the inside of the box! I used tape on the back of the cut-outs to keep it on the box without showing a bunch of tape marks. Make sure you cover up all of the cardboard!

Here’s what it will look like once the inside is finished! Go ahead and place your previously-made bottom in to complete the inside. Next, take the rest of the envelopes and either tape them to the outside of the box or glue them! Your whole box should be covered in either envelopes or cards.

Now for the dividers, I chose to wrap them in gold wrapping paper to match the cards on the bottom! This is super easy, all you have to do is wrap them as if they were a present. You can cut them more if you want to make sure that they’ll fit inside nicely, and that they aren’t too loose!

Here’s the final result! This was such an easy DIY to make, and it looks awesome! If you’d like to secure the dividers you can attempt to tape them to the sides of the box, but I felt as though they could stand on their own just fine.

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I hope you liked this little tutorial! I’m in love with my new organizer, and it’s made my desk look so pretty! Feel free to share this with whoever you know has a cluttered desk and needs some extra organization!


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