Blog Updates!

Hey guys!

So I wanted to talk a little bit about how my blog, and where I want it to go in 2018, and how I want it to get there. I want to start by saying I am so grateful to everyone who has visited my blog or has followed it, it makes me so happy that people are liking what I’m writing and creating.

A little backstory, I’ve been blogging since July of this year. I’m definitely still new at this, and I’m still learning! I’ve read so many posts about other bloggers who have skyrocketed in the first six months of their blogging career, and I am so, so happy for those people. I know that my blog doesn’t have the right content to gain so many followers that fast, so I completely understand that my growth has been slow. I am, however, in this for the long haul and I intend to make this blog something amazing.

I’ve decided that I’m going to pause my blog for a while, at least until 2018 comes around. My goal is to do a complete rebranding, and to become consistent. I want to treat this as a company, and so far it’s been more of a hobby. Some of the most important things I want to work on is:

  • A new logo/header that won’t change
  • A color scheme to create consistency
  • A template for blog graphics
  • Good quality photos
  • A schedule for posting
  • To go self-hosted with a beautiful theme
  • To remain consistent on social media

I know that this is a lot to accomplish before 2018, since we only have 16 days left. I hope to have it all done by then, however if I can’t do it then I will postpone until I’m fully ready. I really want this blog to be done right.

If you’ve read this whole post then thank you so much! I really appreciate it, and if you have any suggestions for me then I’m all ears! The hardest part I’ve been struggling with is learning how to advertise, so I need to do a ton of research on that as well.

Also, I will be posting on Friday, the 22nd because I participated in a secret santa and I have a commitment to upload what I got. Other than that, I wish everyone happy holidays, and I’ll see you in the new year!

xoxo, Cassandra


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