Blogger Secret Santa


Hey everyone!

In case you didn’t read my previous post, this will be my last post for this blog. It’s sad, but I am so excited to announce my new and improved blog! I’m putting a lot of time and effort into the revamped blog to make sure it will perform well, and I honestly love it already. I’m posting this on here now because I have a commitment to doing it (and I honestly had to show this stuff to you guys), and the next thing you’ll be seeing from me will be announcing my new blog!

Okay, so let’s get right into the secret santa!

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Before I start showing everything off and reviewing, I will tell you that I am so, so grateful for this package sent to me. If you don’t know already, Megan from Love Megan Anne hosted a secret santa within the blogger community. I wanted to include the link to the post but it must have been removed, so you can click her name for a link to her blog instead! The rules were we had to send a package with gifts between $25-30 and publish our post saying what we got on the 22nd, which is today!

Now, I went into this expecting it to be fun so I’m going to review everything with a light heart, however I tend to be a little bit of a control freak when it comes to how I spend my money. I invested money into this by buying my person a gift, and I got a gift from someone else in return, so I will be reviewing everything honestly.


Here’s a shot of what the package looked like when I opened it!


The first thing in the package was a holiday card and a letter attached, which was very lovely. She introduced herself as Meagan from Quibbles and Scribbles (such a cute blog name!). I really enjoyed reading the letter and hearing a little bit about her inspiration for the box. She said that her inspiration was a self-care box! I liked that a lot, the only small thing I was disappointed in was that when I filled out the form for this, I was very specific in what types of gifts I wanted. One of the biggest things I said was that I loved finding new eye shadow palettes, so I was hoping to find a really nice palette from maybe an indie brand or something. It was definitely more of an assorted self care box filled with little holiday treats, which is perfectly fine! I was caught off guard is all.


The first gift in the box were these hair ties, which are pretty cute! I’ve never seen this brand before so it was nice finding something new! I like the sparkly ones a lot, I usually wear plain black ones so this will be something different. They’re a little bit on the smaller side, so if I had thick hair I think there’s no way it would have fit, however I luckily have thinner hair so it’s not bad!


The next thing were these stickers. These are very cute and they have some nice holographic sparkles on them! I don’t use stickers often at all, however I was able to put them on a few presents for people to make it a bit more festive.


The next thing I got was this unicorn-inspired bracelet. I love the packaging for this, particularly the part where it says “Don’t be basic, be magical”. I liked it so much that I cut out that part as well as the unicorn and kept it to put on my dresser!

The idea of the bracelet is adorable, with making a wish and everything. I just wish that the actual bracelet itself was cuter, because honestly it’s just a piece of string with a bead on it. I might be acting a bit harsh, but I honestly just don’t see myself wearing this in college, however I think my little sister will like it so I’ll probably give it to her!




The next three things I got were these candies! I love sour gummies and I noted that in the form so I’m happy to have received those. They were really good! I also loved this little chocolate box, it was so freaking cute that I almost didn’t want to open it.


The next thing I got were these pencils and a nail file. I never use pencils that need sharpened because I don’t own a pencil sharpener, I always use mechanical pencils instead. These are still cute though, and I’ll probably give them to someone! The nail file is also nice to have.


This next gift is a travel cosmetics bag. I’m not sure where this is from because I’ve never heard of the brand before, but I really like the color. It works by having all the makeup flat when it’s unfolded, and then you pull the string and it’s supposed to have the shape of a nice travel bag. I tried using this for my makeup and maybe I have too much, but it wouldn’t close all the way, leaving a giant hole in the top for makeup to leave. I tried adding less, and it really only works if you have a very small amount, and no eye shadow palettes can be in there. I still like it though, and I’m hoping I can find a different use for it!


The last gift was this Josie Maran body butter. This stuff smells pretty good! It’s a small container so I don’t know how long it will last, but it’s still cute and makes my skin feel soft. I looked this up and it’s pretty expensive on Sephora, so I’m surprised to have gotten it! I don’t know how often I’ll use it but I’m always glad to add products to my skin care.


Okay, so here is everything all laid out! Again, the box was supposed to be worth around $25-30, and I’m not sure how much was spent. If I’m being completely honest, I could have done without the smaller things like stickers, hair ties, pencils, and the bracelet, and would have preferred a drugstore makeup item instead. I’m super concerned about how I spend my money, so I’m really sorry if I’m coming across as rude! I absolutely mean no harm in what I’m saying, I’m just trying to be honest in this review.

Would I do secret santa again? Probably not, because it’s honestly too big of a risk. You might get some really amazing products, or you might not, and it’s just the way it is. It was still a fun process and I’m glad to have gone through it at least once.

A big thank you to Meagan, although I can’t use everything I still absolutely appreciate it all and the thought that went into it. If you guys haven’t checked out her blog yet, absolutely do so because it’s amazing! She’s a really talented book reviewer.

If you’d like to see what I got for my secret santa, you can click here once she’s published it! I focused on a similar subject by giving my secret santa things for relaxing, such as lotion, face masks, and coffee.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and see you next time!


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